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About RPC!

Helping You To Be Able To Retire With Financial Freedom

RPC which is the abbreviation for RETIREMENT PLANNERS & CONSULTANTS is an organisation formed by Yeoh, the Group CEO of his Group of Companies which are involved in property development, international trading of consumer goods, healthcare, insurance, consultancy services, etc. spanning across the globe. RPC is dealing with a range of food and beverages (F&B) products.

For privacy and security concerns, the Group CEO, Mr.Yeoh wishes to keep a very low profile. Only invited member distributors will be allowed to meet him in person. Coming from a poor family and having made his fortune and in his early 60s now, he wants to leave a legacy behind by creating RPC to help others.

In view of rising costs of living amid high inflation rate, depreciation of the Ringgit, economic slowdown, etc, the objectives of RPC is to create opportunities for people to increase their income and maximise their economic growth potential by growing their wealth at a much faster rate to beat inflation and be able to retire comfortably regardless of age and achieve financial freedom. In order to achieve this goal, RPC creates opportunities for people to be appointed as distributors for their range of food and beverages products.

RPC also through their member distributors’ joint efforts, contribute to RPC Charity Fund, to help the poor and less fortunate. RPC aims to set up a chain of RPC DIALYSIS CENTRES for poor patients as a charitable course. Each RPC member distributor is encouraged to set their own income goal to achieve financial freedom and work towards achieving it. There are basically three types of income created by RPC for member distributors to enjoy:-

  1. Direct Sales Profit (DSP)
  2. Referral Commission (RC)